Behind the Scenes Episode 3

Click to watch "Behind the Scenes - Episode 3" featuring Steve Grossman of Steve's Live Music. No outtakes this month, but you'll want to check out the "Sept in Review". Check it out to learn more about our new classe & partnerships with other artists! Thanks for watching!

Behind the Scenes Episode 3


Atlanta, Georgia (GA) based World Belly Dance Alliance (WBDA), an organization dedicated to the preservation and betterment of the dance community, was co-founded by dancers, Jenny Nichols and Stephanie Colletti, in the spring of 2010 as a way to give back to a community which they feel has given them so much. Together with WBDA partner, Nawar, they teach classes at several metro-Atlanta dance studios and perform regularly in shows and other various events. Jenny is also a member of Atlanta based band, Aviva and the Flying Penguins. She performs as their principal dancer both locally and on tour.

WBDA has also had the honor and privilege of hosting amazing artists, such as Morocco, Anasma, and Alicia of BellyCraft. They are excited to be bringing Anasma back to Atlanta in 2013, along with Beatbox Guitar, and Naima Sultana.

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